Biotech AB supply Rheodyne OEM valves for Ultra-High Pressure down to Low-Pressure applications. We help you with all parts in your fluidic application; degassers, valves, tubing and fittings, pumps, filters, solvent recyclers, knitted reaction coils etc. Contact us and describe your application and needs, and we will help you in a quick and professional way.

Founded in 1976, Rheodyne products are designed as advanced fluid-handling solutions for a wide range of analytical instrumentation and in vitro diagnostic systems. Purchased by the IDEX Corporation in 2004, Rheodyne products are now a brand of IDEX Health & Science LLC, but remain the number one choice of instrument engineers around the world who have relied on Rheodyne’s top-quality, low- and high-pressure fluid valves, automated sample injectors, fluid-switching platforms, and associated products.

Rheodyne TitanHT

The Rheodyne TitanHT valves provide OEMs with a single solution for nano to prep-scale applications in the next generation of very-high-pressure valve technology. Designed for the high torque demands of the evolving HPLC market, these versatile, multi-position valves are rated up to 15,000 psi (1034 bar).

Rheodyne TitanHT Ultra High Pressure
To address the next generation of Ultra-High Performance Liquid Chromatography (UHPLC) systems, the versatile TitanHT series of fluidic valves for OEM instruments is now capable of 25,000 psi (1,724 bar / 172 MPa).

Rheodyne TitanHP

Reliability combined with unique engineering technology make Rheodyne TitanHP valves one of the most versatile and easy-to-use fluidic platforms. The TitanHP consists of an integrated driver/actuator and a removable liquid-end to provide a single, flexible space-saving design. Available for OEMs, these valves are rated up to 6000 psi (414 bar).

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Rheodyne TitanEX

Rheodyne TitanEX valves are a high performance, low-pressure fluidic platform with zero dead-volume. Available in low-cost, small footprint design, the TitanEX is the perfect choice when designing low-pressure instruments for the analytical, biotech, diagnostic, and industrial markets.

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