The latest breakthrough in HPLC technology – HALO Fused-Core particles with a new particle size – 5 microns


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These 5 micron particles are exciting and novel because they can be packed into columns that will change the way you will think about HPLC by providing the following benefits:


  • -  the highest plate counts versus any other 5-micron column you can buy (> 150,000 plates per meter)
  • -  equivalent or higher number of plates as most 3-micron columns with one-half the pressure
  • -  the ruggedness of 5-micron columns (stable packed beds, resistance to pluggage) with the performance of 3-micron columns
  • -  improved productivity resulting from having the same thin porous layer as 2.7-micron HALO columns allowing high efficiencies at faster flow rates
  • -  low back pressure well suited to legacy HPLC instruments
  • -  scalable from UHPLC separations developed on 2.7-micron HALO columns
  • -  available in lengths from 20-250mm and ID 2.1, 3.0 and 4.6mm


We expect the new 5 micron HALO columns (called HALO-5) to become the new standard in HPLC separations.  We offer 5 different phases in the 5 micron particle dimension
These are:

  • - C18
  • - PFP
  • - Phenyl-Hexyl
  • - C8
  • - ES-CN

These HALO-5 columns can be delivered in all of the usual column dimensions with an added plus – 250 mm long columns.